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Ancient houses of the Russian North

The houses in the Russian North were preserved in a wonderful way

It is hard to make the modern customer wonder about anything. One can buy flat, house, cottage, build a mansion, hire designers to make an exclusive interior to meet your requirements. However, if you want to get something special then you should regard the opportunity of buying real ancient house from Russian North of the 18-19th centuries.

Our ancestors reached high-class workmanship in building. There is a Russian saying : “give an ax to the peasant and he will repair even a clock!” There is some truth in it. Russian architects were very demanding as far as the quality of material is concerned. They built only of high quality material. The choice of wood was very thorough: frame, roofing, low row of beans and other parts of the building required different kinds of trees. Warm types of wood were chosen for walls. They were straight, covered with moss. For hewing of roofing straight-grained wood was selected. Thanks to this thorough approach high quality of the future house was guaranteed therefore these houses still have the same characteristics in spite of the fact that several centuries passed already. They Surpass In Quality Many Modern Buildings.

Usually northern house features a considerable size. The reason for it is in climate: only massive pine logs could protect from frost during harsh winter.

The tradition of selling dissembled houses in Russia date back to Middle Ages when so called “wood” markets were common, where one could buy disassembled barn, house and even a church. The only thing that remained for the customer is to transport the building to the required place. This principle of movability and mounting characteristics of wooden constructions allowed person from any part of the world buy this house today.

You will not find two houses alike in the North. Each house is individual. In spite of repeated traditional elements you will always see diverse elements in the laying, construction, details, decorations. One of the unique features revealed in architecture – is a combination of established traditional forms with new unexpected solutions whether it is a decoration of apex rising above the dwelling or the choice of ancient form of platband.

One can find Russian traditional houses of different modifications and sizes: five-wall log houses, four-wall Kargopol smoky houses, which did not have chimney (the house was heated with a chimneyless stove) and Vychegodsky six-wall log houses on high basement, Dvinsk two-storey log houses with wide entry for carts and sleighs that could bring right to the second floor. You can select a house of peasants with different level of income: kulak (wealthy peasant), peasant of average means and poor peasant. The rarest and expensive houses differ in complicated technical solution of the house. They attract with their expressiveness and their artistic appearance is maximally ornate, elegant and decorated with rare ornamental elements.

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