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Antique Barn-plank and Furniture in a Fusion-Style Interior

Fusion comprises elements of both modern and retro styles

Antique Barn-plank and Furniture in a Fusion-Style InteriorIt is basically unfair to suppose that antique barn-planks and antique wooden furniture may nowadays be used only for decorating a country-style interior and thus will be needed only by  lovers of the antique. Today a style called “fusion” has become extremely popular in all spheres of everyday life including interior. This style suggests a merging of very different and often opposite trends in the same interior. And so, being itself as modern as possible, this style allows inclusion of antique items in the interior – together with old restored wood finishing and antique furniture.

The fusion style is an obvious and rather positive example of the modern cultural globalization, because this style captures the most contradictory features and principles of various national traditions concerning the arrangement of living area.

Antique Barn-plank and Furniture in a Fusion-Style InteriorIn the eclectic style items belong to different cultures become a bit depersonalized, but the fusion style offers uniting all the items in harmony. The main thing is to make al the elements work as one in the end, producing an organic living area. This style is based on the three essential features: color, texture and materials. And many of the designers rely upon the materials first of all as it gives them almost unlimited possibilities of expression. A great contribution to the interior, for example, can be made by using old wood: ancient barn plank, antique furniture, wooden decorations of the Russian North houses such as window frames or roof ridges.

This style suggests that you better decline cold and slippery surfaces and prefer natural textures. Old wood may go well with natural stone, homemade unbleached linen, natural leather, etc.

Fusion is always provocative and bold, so we may say that this style is more characteristic of young and resolute people. The role of old wood in such interior is also adding chic to it and leading the owner of the house to a higher prestige level. It will delicately stress the fact that the owner is a person with a perfect taste, considerable income and high level of social ambitions. Thus, it is a way for a modern man to realize two different intentions:  allowing freedom of expression and demonstrating social status.

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