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Custom-made furniture

We make furniture in the style “Fusion” and “Country”

The specialty of the company “Centr” LTD is design and manufacturing of custom-made furniture on individual projects from the parts of ancient furniture (18-19th century) and of larch, pine, oak. We will develop and make any furniture in the style that refers to ancient times and national color, such as fusion and country (Russian style).

Rural style has become more popular nowadays or country style as it is also called thanks to Americans. There are several directions in it – as many as there are national cultures, where city and village are opposed to each other. People want to create oasis of piece and regularityin their apartments among busy life of the city/ They want to feel the connection with their background. Custom-made furniture can help to create unforgettable color of Russian national dwelling.

If you like modern technical devices and trends, but beauty of ancient textures fascinates you and you want to include it into your interior then you can choose the harmony of ancient times and present day, combined in the style of fusion. This style gives you an opportunity to combine, fuse absolutely different styles. It is possible to combine modern and ancient elements in it. Ancient and antiqued furniture looks beautiful as ancient elements within the frames of fusion style. It is interesting that this style presupposes the opportunity to combine elements of the most diverse cultures and Russian furniture can blend perfectly into the modern European or American interior.

When you apply to «Centr» LTD to order custom-made furniture you can be sure that:

  • All products of the company are made from quality, eco-friendly, certified materials, which are safe for health of man and domestic pets;
  • Proprietary production base, equipped with modern equipment of famous European manufacturers ("IMA", "BIESSE", "CEFLA"), practical experience and strict adherence to the technology of furniture manufacturing, let us offer wide range of diverse and quality technical solutions to our clients;
  • Professional approach to furniture manufacturing alleviates the search for the most rational and economical solutions for every particular case;
  • Effective cooperative work of all subdivisions and efficient sale system guarantees excellent quality of product, minimal term of order implementation and affordable prices;
  • You will find a reliable partner in «Centr» LTD, who is able to implement technical maintenance of the furniture manufactured in the company in the course of its service life.

Illustrated catalogues of furniture were specially selected at the service of our customers.

Contact us on the company’s phones on the questions of custom-made furniture production.

Furniture in a country style

Furniture made of solid oak

Furniture in a fusion style

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